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I am a Lecturer in Sports Science at The Open University and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I have been involved in developing sports science courses for colleges and universities for over 25 years. I have written several textbooks to support students studying for BTECs in Sport and Exercise Science.  In 2015 I wrote a text book titled Sports Science: A complete introduction which was aimed at students in their first year of university study to get them up to speed quickly for their course.  It is also popular with BTEC National students. 

I have always been aware that while students enjoy studying sports science they don't always know what they are going to do with their qualification so I decided it was about time that I did something about that.  I contacted as many people as I could who currently work in sport and asked them to tell me their stories about how they got into that role and what they did on a daily basis. They also talked about what made them successful in that role and the personal skills that they needed. 

I truly believe that if you have some idea about what you would like to do after your course then it can help you to keep motivated and make positive decisions while you are studying.  I  have seen many students who enjoy their courses but they don't have any direction and end up in jobs not related to sport.

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I'd love to hear your own stories about your education or career and what you are doing to reach your goal.

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